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Blanchard 18×36 Rotary Grinder

220/440 Volt, 3 phase, 30 HP

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Delivery 2-3 Weeks

Lower Unit

A. Re-scrape bed ways and positive side
B. Machine saddle ways, install cast iron wear strips for proper center height .
C. Re-scrape saddle to fit
D. Re-scrape magnetic chuck ways, refit to saddle top

Upper Unit (Column & Head)

A. Re-scrape column ways (front, rear, positive, and gib ways)
B . Re-scrape spindle head square & parallel to chuck, refit gibs (3)

Lube System

A. Install new grease pump & replace all lines & fittings not to quality standards


A. All motors, switches, buttons, enclosures, sealtite, fittings, etc., repaired as needed ( Replaced all motor bearings)


A. Check all feed screws, nuts gears, bushings, seals, bearings, replace all items not to quality standards
B. Spindle bearing were replaced with new
C. Rotary chuck was rebuilt complete (Full 1 Year Warranty)


A. Sand blast, clean, fill, sand, prime, & paint machine to customers requested color